Gruntech can supply and maintain any size ozone and PSA oxygen concentrator. Ozone units are spesified by how much ozone they make with pure oxygen. If a ozone unit is not fed with oxygen then it will typically make 5 times less ozone than the unit is specified for.

Below is some examples of our units.

 OG  IMG 6454
 "10 g/h" air fed system with air drier. Delivers 2 g/h. Own technology.  10 g/h ozone & PSA oxygen generator in one outdoor cabinet.
IMG 5787   PSA
 1,5 kg/h ozone and PSA oxygen plant for textile industry.   PSA oxygen concentrator
 15 kgph Ozone1 
 1,5 kg/h ozone unit textile plant  10 kg/h ozone unit
120 kgph 30 kgph
120 kg/h ozone plant 30 kg/h ozone and PSA oxygen concentrator for 40 Ml/day water treatmemnt. Own technology